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Is he trying to move her when she's asleep? If so, you might want to remind him of the wisdom of the old saying "Let sleeping dogs lie." :eek: :eek:

If she's asleep or napping, he needs to wake her up from a distance by, eg, moving the sofa (always effective in this household) or pulling on the sheets or, say, jangling the car keys. That should get her up, and then he should tell her to move.

Otherwise, he should tell her once to move, and she needs to move.

Yes, I know --- you're dealing with a basset. :lol: :lol: But even Biscuit would move when told ONCE to move. True, he'd try to make a run at getting into a power struggle, but I persevered and was more stubborn, and soon enough (with full fanfare of grunting and groaning and "how could you???"s), he'd move.

Don't get into pissing matches with them. Let them know this is their big chance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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