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For those of you who don't get "The Bugler" publication, or in case you didn't see the article, there is an article on a terrible thing that happened to a dog, when his tongue became lodged in one of the "Pimple Ball with Bell" toys made by Four Paws, Inc. To make a long story short, he endured excruciating pain and finally his tongue was amputated.

The company has since recalled the toy, but didn't want to until they were pressured. Can you believe their original stance was that "there have not been enough instances of this problem to consider it a danger" ??? :angry:

Fortunately someone helped them see the light and it was recalled. But if you have any of these toys lying around, it would be a good candidate for the trash can.

I'm so sick of these Chinese made products harming people and pets . . . . .
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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