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Pilgrim Basset Club Field Trial dog Class (6 entered)

1st Roscoe Nancy Richmond et. al
2nd Fuego Claudia Orlandi
3rd Hunter Nancy Richmond et. al ?
4th Jackson Denise Rushworth?
NBQ Wyatt Mike Arruda

I may have 3rd and fourth reversed

Pilgrim Basset Hound Club Field Trial Champion Class (12 entered)

1st. Homer. John Meahl
2nd Eowyn. Miriam Tefts
3rd Truffles Bill Forrest
4th. Laverne Mary Getman
NBQ Willow. Kay Reilly

Pilgrim Basset hound Club Field Trial Bitch Class (18 entered)

1st Thumbelina Claudia Orlandi et al
2nd Angie Claudia Orlandi et al
3rd Pinky Claudia Orlandi et. Al
4th Marsha Mike Arruda/Linda Fowler
5th Ella Annette Spallino

Capital District Basset Hound Club Field Trial Champion Class (11 entered)

1st Razzy Nancy Richmond
2nd Homer John Meahl
3rd Charlie Belinda Lamphear
4th Eowyn Miriam Tefts
NBQ Truffles Bill Forrest

1st Series Brace 5, Eowyn V Truffles( 5:30 min Video)

2nd Series Homer vs Eowyn ( 4 min Video)

Capital District Basset Hound Club. Field Trial Spring 2018

Bitch Class (18 entered)

1st. Pumpkin. Miriam Tefts
2nd Allie Bill Forrest
3rd Fireball. Ellen Ripper
4th Angie Claudia Orlandi et al
NBA Thumbelina. Claudia Orlandi et al

Really Proud of Pumpkin who did not run saturday cuz her mum was scared because she is not trash broke and has been seeking out deer to run and half the grounds are not enclosed and back up to an orchard an a 50 mph rd .

I (erroneously in hindsight) convinced her ma to let her run sunday because it would be after the dog class so they would be on the other side that was mostly fences except for a couple of small openings. Well she was in the 1ST Brace and ran the fence line of the orchard. and while a short run she was tenacious and control in though windy conditions in with little cover,. and her subsequent runs got better. I her run with Allie for !st was spectacular. for all intense and purposes running the rabbit by herself a good five minutes

Capital District Basset Club Field Trial

Dog Class (6 entered)

1st Roscoe Nancy Richmond
2nd Fuego Claudia Orlandi et al.
3rd Hunter. Nancy Richmond et. al
4th Merlin. Miriam Tefts
NBQ. Jackson. Denise Rushworth et. al

Merlin is one Hermione's Puppies just turned 6 months old. Next week goes to visit a couple of his brothers at Topsfield for week in bunny boot camp. Fuego is Merlin's dad.

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Valley forge Basset club field trial results

Champion Class (11)
1st Bitsy. Nancy Richmond
2nd Willow Kay Reilly
3rd Reise. Melissa Bush Phelps & J Phelps
4th Laverne Mary German
NBQ Aja. Belinda Lamphear

Dog Class (8)

1st Lefty Louie. Fred Atwater
2nd Feugo. Claudia Orlandi
3rd Rosco. Nancy Richmond
4th King Melcor Ken Engle

Bitch Class (21)

1st Oley. Fred Atwater
2nd Emmy Lou. Melissa & J Phelps
3rd Pumpkin. Miriam Tefts
4th Fireball. Ellen Ripper
NBQ Thumbellina Claudia Orlandi

Deela got called back to Second Series in 4th with a coveted path rabbit she runs so well but fell to six. Pumpkin and Fireball entered second series 5th and 6th respectfully and moved up
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