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Here are the kids with their "seatbelts" on!

My Husband and I with Rusty & Stickers family! (Their Mom is the one kissing me!)

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OMG, being surrounded by bassets are the best thing that you can have (at least for basset crazy like us). Or what I called it "being surhounded"!!

Rusty and Stickers are definately photogenic!
LOVE the pics!! Rusty and Stickers are way too cute. There's just somethin' about that Rusty though.....I have a total soft spot for him!! :D
That looks like a great Christmas card :)
Could be called: "Bassets-R-US!" :D
What great pictures. The family shot is so special, what a group of beautiful hounds.

Aroooos from Bogie!!!
Oh, that one with all the hounds is wonderful!!!!!
To be surrounded by that many hounds at once would be my dream come true!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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