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Here's a few pics of hounds.

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They're all beautiful! How many do you have?

They are beautiful!!!
Thanks, all together I have 12 hounds (7 bassets and 5 coonhounds) and 1 lab.

3 ring circus is an understatement.........LOL :rolleyes:
That's awesome! If I had the space/money I would probably have a bunch of hounds too. I want a bloodhound or a coonhound, but the hubby talked me out of it as we don't have the space.

They're beautiful!

We're partial to black eared bassets around here.

Janice and little Ruby
Oh my goodness look - It is hound heaven. :)

They are all beautiful!!!!! That is a great looking bunch of hounds you have!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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