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Check out the two boys taking a nap together! I am thrilled to see them do this. It is funny because Yogi just recently decided that it is okay to take a nap on Gunny's bed! He would do whatever he had to do to step around it and now for the two of them to lay on it at the same time, it is wonderful! Gunny doesn't seem to mind Yogi laying on his bed and he shouldn't since he used to take naps in Yogi's bed when he was a puppy!

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They look so cute together. That also doesn't happen at my house very often. My three like thier space.
They look so cute. My boy Gibbs likes his space, but Lily wouldn't mind snuggling with him if he would let her.

They look so darn peaceful together! What sweeties!
Thanks! The boys don't often sleep together and they have never slept on the dog bed together. In fact they haven't done it again since I took that picture. They do sleep on the couch together from time to time, once even with their heads pressed together which was really cute!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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