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Hey there,

If I can get it to work here is a picture of my Maggie beside her squeeky dog. This pic is from a few weeks ago, before her itchy problem (in the health forum). We went to the vet this morning and she got a shot of anti-inflammitory, some antibiotics to take and some skin medication to kill any mange (!) parasites.

Hope she feels better soon!


(okay, how do you guys get the pictures to show up?)

(okay, how do you guys get the pictures to show up?)
When you do a new post - click on the "insert image" button (the one with the tree icon) then put in the full URL (web address) to the picture.

What this means is you need to have uploaded the picture to a web storage space somewhere first :)

Does that help?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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