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pictures for my office are done

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I had two flower pictures on my wall in my office for many years. They were some cheap clearance pictures form K-mart. Today I took the flower pictures out, bought some new mats and put pictures of Sadie in them. I am very happy with how they turned out.

Old flower picture & one of the new Sadie pictures.

Sadie picture #1

Sadie picture #2

Both pictures of Sadie
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Your office will be honored :D
You can always use the flower pics as backdrops for your next basset pic....(?)
Beautiful pictures! Sadie looks like a natural - look how she poses so pretty for the camera!

YAWN... those flowers were Boooooring! Now you have livened the place up a bit! Looks good!

Makes me think - I have a framed poster (Van Gogh Irises) in my office... maybe a20" x 30" picture of José is in order! I have no José or basset stuff in my office (I used to have a basset calendar but this year I got one for home and put up the Far Side at work). Yet everyone knows of José... I pass people in the hall & they say " How's José?" :lol:
very nice idea. :)

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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