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Picture Thead

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Things have been slow around here.

How about posting some pictures?
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Oh I love all your pictures!!

Here's Clem in his finer moments:

The famous ear kiss:

The annoying bug:
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The pictures are wonderful!! Keep them coming!! Bassets are so photogentic and have such wonderful expressions.

Princess Daisy... :rolleyes:

Love this pic of Daisy!

Lily out at camp

Lily... does she ever look grown up in this pic! ( she's about 5 months now)

I love looking at pics of everyone's hounds! more please!
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Daisy is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/b]
Thanks! :rolleyes: I think so too ;)
Agnes (ATB) at the 2006 BROOD Ramble

Lucille visiting House of Puddles

Lucien and Max the Really Bad Siamese [email protected]

Lucien & Lilly

Lilly getting ready for a "nite on the town" ;)
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Lucien and Lily you have taken over the sofa; where does your momma sit?

And Daisy, you remind me of Ruby at a younger age; same coloring.

Janice and little Ruby
Here's my contribution

Lea in her "The things I have to put up with" pose

Waiting for dad to come out and play!

A bit of nose scratching in the grass :lol:
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