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I've always been able to post pics before, but now when I try I get a message that says I'm over my global limit. What's up with that? Anybody else getting this message? All I've been able to do is post links. :(

Are you posting links using IPB code or as a File attachment. File attachments take up space on the boards server and hence you are limit to how big a file and be attached. Linking to a file already posted on another server using UBB code does not take space and therefore is unlimited what you can do.

*note linking to numerious and large files does however slow the loading of pages especial for those on dial-up so such practice is not to be encouraged.

IPB Code help

You can link to photos posted on another server rather than use the attachment feature. There are a few free photo hosting sites that still allow linking to outside sites though they are getting fewer and fewer. I use "Photobucket". Instructions on how to actual use a photo hosting site and IPB code to link to it can be found in the FAQ Forum titled Pictures
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