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Pics for Vanessa

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Thanks for posting, Duncan is very happy to see his sister is doing well, I am surprised how much they look alike.

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Seems like both the siblings are doing great,
nice pics! :D
Awwww 2 beautiful dogs and what long ears!

Those are some serious ears!!!!! Wonderful pictures!
what a cutie he is. i see he likes to chew on his buddy's mouth too.

we have those same ducks also, but they never last more than a few hours. Snoopy attacks, destuffs and then they prances around proud of their kill.
He looks so cute with that dark eye-liner.
He is so cute. He is colored like my Copper and Dolly.
Now that's a smosshy kissable face if I ever saw one!! Both are good looking dogs!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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