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Pic of Daisy Mae

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I've done it!!!! Thanks to everyone who helped and gave me advice on how to get her picture on. Photobucket worked!!! Can you see the Mickey Mouse spot in the middle of her stomach? Love her to death!
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She is beautiful, and I do see Mickey's profile. Looks like she has a favorite buddy sharing "her" bed. Welcome to the forum and we can't wait to see more pictures. I also use Photobucket.
Just look at her ears!!!!!!! Congrats on conquering the pics thing!! She is a beautiful colour, and it looks as if she will remain that colour. Yes, I very clearly see the mouse on her side :D :D No wonder you love her to death. :)
oh, she looks all sleek annd soft and cuddly! beautiful baby!
She is very cute! :)
Love those ears! :p You should send her pic to Walt Disney. Maybe they could feature her like that cow, "Mickey Moo" who has Mickey's ears on his side.
Just kidding! I know you would never let her out of your sight. :)
Ah, she's adorable! She's obviously very proud of those beautiful ears.
I love the pic of Max. Him and Daisy Mae definitely look alike.......don't they?! Looks like he's just as spoiled as her, too.
OMG -- Disneyphile here. What I wouldn't give to have a basset with a Hidden Mickey on it! What a cutie!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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