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Photo Shoot!

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Oh, what gorgeous hounds! Thanks!!
Beautiful pictures of Rusty and Stickers!! Boy, you can't even tell that Rusty had surgery on his face. The surgeon really did a great job fixing him up. Give those fur kids some extra belly rubs for being such great Bassets and posing for pictures like pros!!
Super pictures. Beautiful pups and great photography. They really show Rusty and Sticker's personalities.
Those pictures are fabulous. Rusty and Stickers are stars.

Stickers has that "regal" look about her in the one picture. Rusty is always so sweet looking. His eye looks great.

Rusty and Stickers are simply gorgeous! Stickers looks so serious!
Great photo's!. :lol:

Hope you don't mind me asking, but what eye surgery did Rusty have?, Harvey is going in next week for surgery part of which involves his eyes.
Rusty had what turned out to be a liquid filled cyst blocking his nasal passage in his right eye. The symptoms came very gradually. Water filled eye, slight swelling on the fur that became more noticeable. It never seemed to bother him though. The Opthamologist wasn't sure what to expect when he went in. Thankfully it was just a fluid filled cyst but the surgeon said it was very large. He recovered just fine. Now, we cross our fingers & toes that it doesn't reappear. They can do that. Although the surgeon said he got the stem or wall of it so the chances are less.

Here's a photo of him recovering. He HATED that E collar.

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Oh at those beautiful faces!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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