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Hmmm....Barbara Paul (ASSISTANT DA, by the way)....

Donor to PSPCA

Held her Press Conference at PSPCA to announce her appointment as ADA handling all abuse and neglect cases
"PSPCA Tails": From Distress to Success

Think she's tight with PSPCA?

How about HSUS, an organization dedicated to eliminating ALL breeders?
"The legal experts at The HSUS “have been so helpful to me,” says Barbara Paul, an
assistant district attorney in Philadelphia. “They’ve done presentations to the D.A.’s office
on animal cruelty prosecution, and…to the judges of Philadelphia on animal cruelty law,
laws in Pennsylvania, and the correlation between animal cruelty cases and other crimes.”
They’ve also helped Paul counter specious arguments by abusers, such as the one in
a recent case involving neglected basset hounds"

Frankly, the fact that the two people who originally went after Willard, told lies, negotiated in bad faith (telling her she could have input into the placement of the dogs when they had been sold long ago) and generally smeared her in the press are continuing to do so (likely in anticipation of getting their butts sued off), is not particularly surprising nor convincing.

I'm not at all interested in their slant on the situation, knowing their agenda.

Again, if the conditions were so bad, why did they not sieze all the dogs?

If the dogs were so unhealthy, why were they spayed/neutered immediately, when any ethical veterinarian knows that you do not perform elective surgery on unhealthy animals?

How is it that these unhealthy animals were sold almost immediatly by Tri-State?

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