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Hypothyroidism is fairly common in bassets and also may be the cause of seizures so it is appropriate that your veterinarian is testing for both.
Here's a good article that discusses both seizures and thyroid dysfunction: COMMENTS ON THYROID DISEASE.
We're losing confidence in our vet
You need to get a detailed account from your vet to find out where your $500 is being spent. Prices vary greatly depending on where you live. KV vet charges $59.95 for 1000 tablets of 0.3 mg Soloxine. They don't list phenobarbital but Fosters and Smith charges 8-12 cents per tablet depending on the dose. These aren't expensive medications but laboratory tests and office charges can get pricey, depending on the tests. Dr. Jean Dodds charges $110 dollars for both a thyroid panel and a phenobarbital panel. If after talking with your vet you're still not happy look for another veterinarian. You don't say why you've lost confidence but this is something you need to discuss.

Hope Twix continues to do well. Keep us posted.
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