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Petsitter for Bassets ... "Shocked ...they are so SPOILED"!!" ...

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:rolleyes: Poor Stacey. She decided she'd rather stay here for a while than come over so often, which is required for my babies.

So Stacey brought her daughters over and attempted to watch a movie on Saturday night, thinking it would be good for the dogs to have them around. I got a voicemail that they could not watch the movie do to the "antics" ...prancing back in forth in front of the TV, tossing of the toys, rolling on them and squeaking them non-stop. One by one, they brought them out to show her. I could have told them if they'd asked cannot watch a full movie until you WEAR THEM OUT!!! You MUST PLAY FIRST. Otherwise, there is no peace.

She said it was like being in a daycare :lol:

She also got to witness the Basset 500. Several times, I'm told. She felt the cold nose shove her arm off the computer mouse ...they also performed The High Pitch Ear Splitting Whine :blink: when she didn't disperse the evening treats on time (I forgot to tell her about our schedule!)

In other words, she got to see what Bassets are all about. A full Evening Performance!
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I just got back from a three-week trip, and in order not to make my dogs out to be so incredibly spoiled, I left out some details on the instructions for the petsitter. So she emails me one day and says everything is going fine, but where is Lightning getting all these apples? One of the things I debated about telling her is that I have apple trees, and every night, Lightning and I go through this routine where he comes trotting into the living room, apple in mouth (which is very funny looking), drops it in front of me, at which point I have to go on and on about what a great apple that is and how I'm going to steal it, until Lightning grabs and eats it (if I don't go through this routine, he just stares at me and barks his head off). We go through this three or four times a night, during apple season. So I did finally have to fess up to the petsitter about this routine. And she did report about seeing the Basset 500--I didn't know that this is basset specialty. I think she really liked the dogs.
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Ha! Reminds me of the time I dropped my girl off with a pet sitter while we went to Disneyland. When I came to pick her up, the sitter greeted me at the door with, “ Longest day EVER”.
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