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:rolleyes: Poor Stacey. She decided she'd rather stay here for a while than come over so often, which is required for my babies.

So Stacey brought her daughters over and attempted to watch a movie on Saturday night, thinking it would be good for the dogs to have them around. I got a voicemail that they could not watch the movie do to the "antics" ...prancing back in forth in front of the TV, tossing of the toys, rolling on them and squeaking them non-stop. One by one, they brought them out to show her. I could have told them if they'd asked cannot watch a full movie until you WEAR THEM OUT!!! You MUST PLAY FIRST. Otherwise, there is no peace.

She said it was like being in a daycare :lol:

She also got to witness the Basset 500. Several times, I'm told. She felt the cold nose shove her arm off the computer mouse ...they also performed The High Pitch Ear Splitting Whine :blink: when she didn't disperse the evening treats on time (I forgot to tell her about our schedule!)

In other words, she got to see what Bassets are all about. A full Evening Performance!
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I've not seen other dogs do it. What I do know is that our mini-doxie does not do the 500. However, when Copper is, she goes under the couch. When he runs down the hall, she sticks her head out, but as soon as he heads back for the living room, she slides back under the couch![/b]
Another Basset-Doxie pair! I'm sorry to change the subject, but I have to ask... how do you feed your two? Our Dachshund, Tally, is very fat. So much so, that we are concerned for her health and her back. She steals cookies from Moe and hides them under pillows or blankets for later consumption, and she gulps down her own dinner quickly so that she can get into Moe's bowl before he's done. It's difficult to regulate her eating. We've cut back her food by a third, we began to watch her eat so we could stop her from going to Moe's bowl, and we are now removing any uneaten food (of Moe's of course - Tally eats every bit of hers). Moe has been used to 'grazing' on his food as he felt like it but he quickly learned that he had to eat his food or lose it till the next meal. The other day I took the dogs with me on a couple of short errands and I found that Tally somehow opened a new plastic jar of peanuts that I had bought - she had torn the labeling off and pried the lid off with her teeth, scattering peanits from one end of my van to the other. <_< And, yes, she ate some... she LIKES peanuts.

Tomorrow I'm not working so I'm taking her to the vet to be weighed. We are hoping for a weight loss, however small it may be. Any tips or advice you can give about feeding two very different sized dogs, without starving the dog of healthy weight, would be appreciated very much.

Again I'm sorry for the change of subject...
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