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:rolleyes: Poor Stacey. She decided she'd rather stay here for a while than come over so often, which is required for my babies.

So Stacey brought her daughters over and attempted to watch a movie on Saturday night, thinking it would be good for the dogs to have them around. I got a voicemail that they could not watch the movie do to the "antics" ...prancing back in forth in front of the TV, tossing of the toys, rolling on them and squeaking them non-stop. One by one, they brought them out to show her. I could have told them if they'd asked cannot watch a full movie until you WEAR THEM OUT!!! You MUST PLAY FIRST. Otherwise, there is no peace.

She said it was like being in a daycare :lol:

She also got to witness the Basset 500. Several times, I'm told. She felt the cold nose shove her arm off the computer mouse ...they also performed The High Pitch Ear Splitting Whine :blink: when she didn't disperse the evening treats on time (I forgot to tell her about our schedule!)

In other words, she got to see what Bassets are all about. A full Evening Performance!
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Actually our golden joins in the Basset 500 at night when it happens inside the house. The both run at top neck speed down the hallway, through the kitchen and living room, using the love seat and coach as a back board. Outside though Katie can't make it through Moosie's favorite space between the garden and the house so she waits for him in her special spot and chases him everywhere else. I love the Basset 500...especially when they slide across the floor on their butts! I also love it when Moosie runs underneath Katie...

It is funny when he sneaks toys away from her or bones, he does that same thing...wiggles his butt in her face then snatches the prize! She used to chase after him, but now she just accepts it! Never a dull moment.
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