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I got this on one of my dog grooming lists......and I found links for more info (at the bottom)

Wow, what an exciting day it's been. I'll try to start at
the beginning. this actually started about 2 years ago. We don't really have

an SPCA here in the 2 counties. Bertie and Hertford. We have Animal Control
to hold the animals. And the cats and dogs, puppies and kittens that are
dropped off at the 2 vets here .The vets do try to hold them for a little
while and then PETA comes and takes them back to Virginia Beach to "find
them good homes". They pick up at all the animal controls and the vets.
I live way out in the woods. nothing here but the nearest town is Ahoskie.
a very small town with one Wal Mart as the only shopping store. Well, the
year before last and last year there were a number of cats and dogs found
dead in the dumpsters , once behind the Chinise resturant and then behind
the Piggley wiggley. We all thought the local animal control or whoever
picks up animals from the vets that are put to sleep just got lazy and put
them there. Well, last
night the police, undercover , followed PETA from My vets office where they
just picked up some wonderful kittens, to find them homes. These kittens
were just weaned and very sweet. this is the vet where I take pictures and
work part time. Anyway, they put the kittens in the van [PETA] and killed
them and took them to the dumpster at Piggley Wiggley. Where the police got
them. they were actually caught in the act of dumping dead animals in the
dumpster. There were a lot of animals so the police called My vet, Dr.
Proctor, and animal control to come and identify the animals. Sure enough
they got them. They were both PETA people. They were held in the local jail
for while, not sure how long. Now it's all over the news. YEAH. My vet is so
angry, He is calling and being interviewed by all the local news people. We
want the word spread all over the world. who would think in a tiny
little town like this is where it's all going to go down? That's probably
why they thought they could get away with it.
Oh, they also got them for illegal drugs. The van was full of the drugs.
Email everyone and get the word out. If any stations will pick
this up or want to know about it, My vet can tell them. It's in Ahoskie,
N.C. His name is Dr. Patrick Proctor.
I'm so excited they finally got caught. and sick over what has happened. I
just was petting and loving on those kittens yesterday. This really shows
the true PETA. Of course, PETA won't make a statement
yet and will probably say they weren't associated with this. But they were.
Finally they are caught!
Trudy Jackson
Magesticats Bengals

For more on the subject, see , and

Miriam Dalfen

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I don't understand... What's in it for PETA to kill dogs and cats? What do you think is going on here?
PeTA is NOT the warm, fuzzy organization they want you to think they are. They are not animal lovers. Their stance is an idealistic one and they believe these animals are better off dead than "slaves" to humans. But if the public were aware of their goal (NO interaction between people and animals, yes, that means no pets) thier donations would dry up.

Miriam Dalfen

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i just read this story far as i'm concerned PETA and the ALF for the matter are just as good Osama Bin Laden and his crew.i hope they rot for what they did.
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I work with exotic animals and have done so all my adult life. I do lots of public talks and presentations and occasionally been unfortunate enough to have to deal with these extremists. My coworkers and I work very hard to give our charges a good quality of life, but these people still think that these creatures are better off dead than in captivity, even a world class facility like The San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park. I used to try and explain that our animals are ambassadors for their wild counterparts, and do a great deal to foster a conservation ethic among the general public, and that for many species we exhibit, there are in situ conservation programs in effect that we support in many ways, but you can't reason with these people. They are extremists in every sense of the word, and are not interested in facts. They work by inflaming people's emotions.
I'm sure there are some well meaning members of PETA, but sadly they are overshadowed by these crazies.
Marcia Redding
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There are alot of misinformed people out there.PETA's premis from their conception has be every animal should be free.People should not breed animals in any shape or form.These guys went around letting dogs out of crates at dog shows for a while. I have nothing good to say about them. Vickie Zehring :mad:
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