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Hi! Welcome to DC, we love it here!

I don't have any experience with microchips so I can't advise there, but I have used several vets around the area and had good experiences with all.

Alexandria Animal Hospital, on Duke Street, is excellent and they have a 24-hour emergency practice as well. Dr. Jackie Suarez is very knowledgeable about basset hounds. If you talk to her, please tell her you were referred by Lucille Murray's family. She has taken great care of Lucille for over 10 years.

I have also used Dr. McMichael at College Park Animal Hospital in College Park, MD on Baltimore Ave. near 495. They are great and a lot closer to me than Alexandria but it's a small clinic and they have limited hours. I take Lilly and Becky to CPAH.

Recently I started going up to Green Valley Animal Hospital in Ijamsville (just outside of Frederick, MD) because they had been recommended to me by Marilyn of House of Puddles ( for some specialized cardiac work that Lilly needed. It's a long drive from Capitol Hill but worth it as far as cost and expertise--especially with bassets because they take care of 15+ bassets for House of Puddles.
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