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I haven't read much about pet insurance on here, but I have it for Benson and Daisy. I use a company called Pet's Best- which you can google and find their web site. I have had it for about 4 years now and it has saved me a bundle of money at the vet. I pay $42 per month and I have a $100 copay - (per incident) and the visit is paid at 80% of the total bill when I go to the vet. I pay up front, and then I send in the paperwork to the company and I am reimbursed usually in less than 10 days or so. I had initially heard that it was really hard to get a Basset covered with pet ins, but I had no problem and they renew me every year with a dollar or two increase. I just thought I would pass that along to everyone.

For example, When benson had his surgery to remove a huge ruptured cyst, he had at least 3 visits.. pre op, day of surgery and a post op visit.. it all counted as 1 incident. The bill was $850. I paid the $100 co pay and I paid my 20% which was about $175. (so I saved about $600 on the whole procedure) I was really nervous that I would get cancelled after I sent in several claims for benson, but everything went smooth... so....

I just think it is a pretty good deal. (or if anyone has something different or better please let me know!!)
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