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I've had VPI on my cat since he was about a year. Cost is $14.53 per month. He had an upper respiratory infection before I got the insurance so that wouldn't be covered for 2 years. But for just a bottle of amoxicillin it wouldn't be worth submitting anyway. I looked into getting it for Roady at the same time but it would have been $50+ a month based on his age. And with the pre-existing and genetic conditions exclusions it probably wouldn't have paid for much. I would be curious if they'd pay for bloat surgery in the breeds that appear to have a genetic predisposition?
Here's what the Standard Plan pays for various procedures.

And the amount reimbursed by the Superior Plan Also these figures are several years old.

But if I ever got a young dog I would definitely get the insurance. My vet even said she'd consider it for her dog in the event he needed chemotherapy.

For more information on VPI seeVPI Pet Insurance
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