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performance venues for non-registered basset's and mixe

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Rescue or other Non-AKC registered dogs can compete in AKC performance events provided the substantial conform to breed standard, I.e. the look like the breed. This is done by obtaining and ILP (Indefinite Listing Priviledge), both my basset hounds compete in AKC with ILP's. The fee is $25.00 and is refunded if the dog is not elligible for enrollment.

American Hunting Basset Association, does not require AKC registration only that the dog looks like a basset

Ambor(American Mixed Breed obedience Registration) and the UKC United Kennel Club have obedience trials for mixed breeds.

From the Charles River Dog Training Club, Inc. Obedience Titles for Mixed-Breed Dogs

"Just like the owners of purebred dogs, owners of mixed-breed dogs have several options for earning obedience titles"

APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) offers a new kind of obedience called Rally-O that is more practical obedience than
traditional obedience competition.

.....where an enthusiastic attitude and wagging tail are more important than precision. Dogs and handlers should both appear to be enjoying the competition and each other?s company.
.....where ALL dogs are encouraged to participate ? purebred or mixed breed, pets or titled champions. Course accommodations are made for handlers with physical challenges.

.....where handlers are allowed to encourage their teammate in the ring using verbal praise, petting, and even food rewards
Two of the three major sanctioning bodies in Agility care not about the heritage of the dogs competing USDAA and Nadac

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the ahba breed inspector will write the akc number on the registration form.he/she must also be a licensed bench judge.if they think that for some reason that the dog is not full blooded they will not register it or face a suspension.
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