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People at our Dog Park are very polite.

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Had a hard time getting motivated to get out to the park this morning but I finally got my act together enough to put the show on the road.
I would rather leave the house buck naked than go out without make-up (I'm 50, blonde and single)so Francis mopes around the bathroom while I slap on a little war paint. Of course, while performing this arduous task the phone rang which exasperated Franny even more (flat basset time) so when I hung up I grabbed my keys and leash and we dashed over to the park. It's a gorgeous day and the park was packed and a bunch of us walked around chatting and drinking coffee. Everyone was polite and well-mannered and after an hour we left so I could go to the bathroom.
I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I was walking into my bathroom and I almost fainted. I had neglected to blend the foundation and I had one very noticeable beige blob on my nose and one on each cheek. One whole hour with a bunch of people and not one person uttered a sound about my new resemblance to Bozo the Clown. Those people sure are polite.
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:D :D :D Oh well, you and Francis had a good time at least!
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