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Peeing in crate

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I need help with my 3 1/2 month old Bassett Male. We made the mistake of letting him sleep in our bed with us when we brought him home at 6 weeks old. About 10 days ago we starting using the crate at night time. He sleeps ok in it but most nights he pees in it. No matter what I do to clean up the scent, wash his bedding, buy new bedding or a new crate, it continues. I am getting so frustrated with washing bedding every morning and him for that matter. We take him out right before bed and make sure he goes potty, take away his water after 6pm, and make sure he excerises. Nothing seems to work. Does any one have any suggestions? It would almost be easier to put him back in our bed since he never once went in our bed. HELP! Thanks in advance.
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1. The crate may be to big it can be made smaller by adding one or more appropriate sized cardboard boxes

2. set the alarm clock for every 2 -4 hours what ever is necessary to prevent accident

Housetraining Your Puppy
This is from my post to Salinac a few days ago:

(You will need to put the crate, with nice comfortable bedding, next to your side of the bed at night.)

"I used to get up fairly often during the night with Murray- he would fuss because he didn't want to soil his bedding and I would get up and take him to his potty place, praise him and bring him back to his crate. This helped with housebreaking because he learned that if he signalled he could go out to potty. As he got older, the number of night-time trips got fewer."

This method has always worked for me. I'm a light sleeper, and any motion in the crate, or soft whimpering, would wake me up. If that's not the case with you, Mike's suggestion of using an alarm clock would help prevent accidents, although the pup would not be learning to signal you to go out.

Good luck!
Your pup is still very young and has a small bladder. He can't go the entire night without peeing any more than a 3 1/2 month-old human infant can, so follow Mike's advice and set your alarm. And make the crate smaller. Puppies usually don't mess the area where they sleep, but if your pup can get to another part of his crate, he will soil it.

A friend of mine is getting a bichon pup and has been warned by another friend that puppies are 'like infants with teeth'. Great description, I think, as a puppy has much the same needs as an infant, which is what you're finding out!
A rule of thumb is that the dog can hold it one hour for every month of age. Make sure that the crate is not too big to where he can urinate in one part and then lay in another.

Hang in there. It will get better.
I'm having the same sort of problem, except for it is happening while I am at work. At night, he sleeps on his bed in our room and sleeps through the night. While we are at work, he is in his crate. My wife leaves for work around 8:30am and I come home for lunch around 12:15pm to see pee in his crate and all over his legs/belly. He is now 4 months old and does this almost everyday. He hardly ever pees in the house when we are at home but we can't get him to stop peeing in his crate. Help
Leave the door to the crate open. Enclose an area around the crate with a fence or gate of some kind. Put newsaper or pee pads at the end of the enclosure. This way he can sleep in his crate, and can urinate on the papers and not be forced to soil himself. In my opinion he is still too young to be expected to hold it for 4 hours, and I think he is telling you that.
I guess many of you will disagree with me, but I'm no fan of making the crate smaller
so that he will not pee in it. When they are puppies they pee because they can't hold it
for very long. In my _humble_ opinion making them hold it because they have no where
to go is not the nicest thing to do.
If you combine the smaller crate with regular trips out as Mike suggest, I'm not so sceptical
to the concept.

That being said your pup is quite young and bassets usually takes longer to housetrain than
some other dogs, so don't panic. In my experience it is not so much a question of housetraining
as it is waiting for them to get old enough to be able to hold it in.

I think Murray's mum have a good suggestion to making it easier to clean up.
I guess many of you will disagree with me, but I'm no fan of making the crate smaller
so that he will not pee in it. When they are puppies they pee because they can't hold it
for very long.[/b]

The point it they can hold it for a limited time. Part of the point of using a crate to house train is gaining that spincter control. If the crate is too large there is no incentive to learn this, which will only delay house training. It is a delicate blance. You want them to hold it but unduly so. How long they can go is also highly dependant on activity level. The more active the more frequently they need to go.

I had a similar problem, my solution was to not put any padding/bedding in the crate, just leave the crate bottom bare. He had exactly 1 accident, since then, no problem, and I have put his bedding back in!

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