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:unsure: Help! I'm having big problems with Francis in the last couple of weeks (maybe a month)that seems intractable. Out of the blue, for no apparent reason, he's peeing in the house but only when I'm home asleep. I can be gone all day and there won't be a drop on the floor, I can sit up all night and he'll ask to be let out a hundred times a night (as he's totally blind, 2:00am and 2:00pm are all just 2:00 to him) He usually has no problem waking me up to go but lately he's just going out to whatever room is not blocked off and going...even near his bowl in the kitchen. Yesterday I fell asleep in the afternoon and when I woke up there was a puddle in the den (he NEVER pees in the bedroom) I'm a light sleeper, any request from Francis would be noticed
There have been no life or lifestyle changes that would precipitate this obnoxious behavior. He's eating and exercising the same, I changed last summer from permanent nights to permanent days at work but it's now 4 months later.
The big problem is that I never catch him in the act so it's hard to correct the behavior but I'm at wit's end. Francis is 10 years old and has been blind for last 4 years so even that wouldn't seem to have bearing as he'll go 12 hours without a drop.
AARRGGHH ! I love my little Boodie-Boy to death but this is killing my hardwood floors. Help!
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