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Patroon Basset Hound Club field trial May 6
1st Emmy Lou. J. & Melissa Bush Phelps
2nd Pumpkin. Miriam Tefts
3rd Pinky. Claudia Orlandi et. al.
4th Thumbelina Claudia Orlandi
NBQ Angie. Claudia Orlandi

NEW field Champion Emmy Lou!!

Dog Class (6)
1st Rosco. Nancy Richmond et. al.
2nd Feugo. Claudia Orlandi et al
3rd Mel. Ken Engle
4th Hunter Nancy Richmond
NBQ Junior Miriam Tefts

CHAMPION Class (12)
1st Eddie . Cheryl K. Long
2nd Jessie. Cheryl K. Long
3rd Bitsy. Nancy Richmond
4th Harmony Mary Getman
NBQ Eowyn. Miriam Tefts
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