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Our last basset had parvo around 11 years ago. As you know, this is a very messy disease. She lived until just recently (she was a pretty tough cookie), but were're getting a new puppy in a couple of weeks. Does anyone know what the dormant period is for this virus? We have, of course, cleaned the carpet, but just with regular carpet cleaner. But since we haven't had another new dog since then (Rosebud was the number one dog!), I'm wondering if we have anything to fear in getting this new pup after all these years. I know that in human diseases for example, that while a virus like AIDS is very delicate and can't live long without being inside the host, a virus like hepatitis can live a very long time just sitting on the table, so to speak. Do I even need to worry about this after all this time?????
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A quick perusal of several sources indicates that the virus can remain infectious for up to 6-7 months in the environment.

See Veterinary Q & A: Parvovirus Infection in Dogs.

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