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Hi all, as some of you might know, we just got a new basset puppy about 3 weeks ago. She is currently about 17 weeks old.

My daughter goes to her dads on the weekends and she just told me that her dads dog had to be put to sleep because it came down with parvo.

I really don't know much about parvo, except that it is contagious to other dogs. Our puppy hasn't completed all her vaccinations yet and I'm very worried. :( Should I be worried about my daughter bringing it home on her clothes or shoes? What are the signs of parvo and how soon after exposure, will there be symptoms?

I hope someone can tell me that I am overreacting! I am not even sure if you can spread it from a dog at one house to a dog at another. I guess I wouldn't worry so much, but like I said, our puppy hasn't completed all her shots yet.

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks

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I hope all is well and someone answered you I personally don't know. One thing I did find out when I got Lea is that even if your dog has had all his shots he is still at risk if in contact with a sick dog. I wonder what we are giving our dogs shots for if not to prevent them from being sick.

Best place to call would be your vet and please let us know what s/he says!

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