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Hiya Basset Palz,

ok, so my person FINALLY let me use the computah again. we were sooo busy this weekend. Saturday was lotsa fun. We planned it to be from 4-7pm, but guess what? it went on until the sun finally set at 9pm.

Sunday, we were recovering, recovering.

I m begging my person to pleeeeez empty the camera so that i can put my pics up here. but she says i gotta wait a little while longer...

in the meantime, i'll give ya the short update, which is that nothing went as planned! we never did a doggie partee before, and it was much more complicated than an adult parteeee.

short story is, we didn't get to even half the games! nor did we eat my birfday cake! so, guess what?? we are having PART 2 tonite...! :D

yep. at the evening playgroup down da street, we are going to serve the doggie cake tonite and play some of the games we didn't get to. and i m getting my birfday outfit together too (my person was so busy, that I had to go naked in my 'birfday suit' to the party). no doggles or army tank shirt that we had planned for me to wear.

the OTHER thing that happened is that oops! pais, i did play with this younger girl basset named Sasha. hafta admit i did play kinda hard. didn't bump my head again. BUT, i have a lot of scratches and even a scab from playing too hard w/Sasha.

and it make me itchy and scratchy, and i been pickin' at my skin ever since Sat nite. which brings me to today. and i am wearing my 'cone of shame' today :( as we speak, so i don't keep pickin' at my skin. i know i'm not sapposed to, but it is so ITCHY! i just wanna bite at it to make it feel bettah.

anyway, that's the report so far.... i will keep u updated, esp when i get some PICS to post up!
--cheers, Worm
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Glad to hear you had fun! Can't wait to see pictures :)

Sorry about the cone :(
Oh WWWWoooormmm! Glad you had a good time BUT! another girl and in your birfday suit!!!HMMMM!!---- thats what ya get fooling around with a younger girl -- us more mature ladies DO NOT SCRATCH -- right Esther? Worm stop picking and bitting your skin -- ya sound like a teenager --- just buck up old buddy -- you did the crime -- you pay the time!
Okay that being said happy you had a lot of fun with all your buddies and imagine another partee tonight -- you are one lucky boy!!!
Not much to report here -- its not as warm today and it has been -- yahoo I can now be back to normal and not mope around. Mom was going to take me fishing but she says it is too windy. Oh Yea -- on Thurday I get to be a Hillbilly Hound at the Shrine Hillbilly Pig Roast -- at the initiation -- can't tell you my part it is a secret but it involves FOOD and I get to go every year (well just for an hour then they make me come home). But since I am their only hound it is an HONOUR!!!\Hope ya had fun at the dog park.
Your "mature" buddy Pais
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Worm partied so hard, now he has to wear the cone of shame! Omg, that's too funny...and so Wormie-like. Nicely done, sir :)
Oh WWormmie???? Mom says I have to stop being jealous of "WHATS HER NAME" ....
Love it! Glad you had fun Wworm but sorry you have to wear your cone of shame. My mom's dog has to wear hers for a while now. She's got flea allergies and bites her skin raw. So leave it alone or else you might have to wear it for a long while!
Awww, dood! 2 partees? Way cool!

I have to say dude, that you are my 2 parties, birfday suit and clothes and all the "ladies" great is that....totally jealous...

But I did get some good news ma said she wants to take me to Bassetfest in Sept...way cool...big dog park, lots of bassets and near Columbus (where I am famous you know) says she has to get me my football jersey and Buckeyes hat were I will be "representin"...not as cool as your shades and camo shirt, but I am trying...

Happiest of birthdays, my hero Worm......and keep me posted on the tussel with Sasha...(sorry Pais)

~keeping it real
Woody Hayes:cool:
i have a lot of scratches and even a scab from playing too hard w/Sasha.
WWormie so how many scratches does sasha have? I bet none! lets be honest you simply don't want to admit it but you simply got your but kick by a younger faster female, That s the danger, don't say you were not warned 1 told ya females don't fight/play fair.
Fergus cannot wait to see your photos, Worm! What a great party- and you get two of them? He's jealous. Glad all went well and nobody got *too* hurt. :)
Yes, m'fraid it's true Mr. Mikey. i am too nice. no scratches on Ms. Sasha. Tho i do like to freak out my person by putting Sasha's whole neck in my mouth and looking like i might chomp down on it-- then i get a "Worm! GENTLE, Worm!" reprimand.

but I do believe you, Pais, when u say ya won't scratch. now, OF COURSE, i would love to play w/my basset palz here on the forum on my bday... too bad we all live a million miles away from each other :(

HO HO HO! i'll give ya the quick update from last night-- HO HO HO!!
i learned a new trick when i turned one. HO HO HO! well, after my person put my outfit on, i ran on the field and learned how to ROLL AROUND IN DOG POOP! no one knew what i was up to until someone yelled, "W's in dog poop!!" HO HO HO! (ok, warning: do not proceed if u r eating or it may gross u out...)

I smashed the dog poop into the ground and flattened it into a large pancake with my back. i ended up with a big spot of poop on my tank top, so they had to take it off and i ran around the rest of the night in my birfday suit again... HO HO HO! boy, that WAS the highlight. hey, ya get to do whatever you want on your birfday, right?

but oh, before ya go out n' try it, basset palz, i have to tell ya i got punished when i got home by getting a long and thorough BATH. the upside is that after, i got to run around and do the Basset 500.

ok: other highlights, we did 2 relay races, including a running relay race and an egg in the spoon relay race. plus we did a lot of other contests and gave out prizes too. haha, we STILL haven't eaten the cake yet, because after 2 hours, it was still hard as a ROCK (it had been in the freezer) and we couldn't cut it. haha. so, another day for that.

Pais, i got jealous too when everyone was saying how beautifyl u were and how they loved your coloring. of course, i wanna be the only one to appreciate that :p hee hee.
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but I do believe you, Pais, when u say ya won't scratch

Wormy your more of a Putz than I though if you believe that.

"Oh wormy what a beautiful cute belly you have would you mind rolling on your back so I can admire it" Followed by dreamy eyes Quess what happens next. Your being dragged around by your man bits while every one one else is to busy laughing to rescue you.
Paisley?? No, my Paisley would NEVER do such a horrid thing to me, Mr. Mikey T, with all due respect sir.

(look of horror) :eek:
Shaking head slowly Wormy you have a lot to learn about basset females. \

1. She will never ever be yours.

2. It is possible that you could be come hers but only if you are willing to enslave yourself to her, resonded to her every wan and need. Willing give up your most prize bone to her. Let her eat her meal in peace and offer up all but at least 1/2 of your own to her etc. and even then the tend to move on to the piece of beef
cake they can find.

3. they are trouble with a capital T

4. You keep those rose colored glass on my freind you will end up like Fischer that has to get a human escort to go into the living room. or pass withing 5 feet of them. He must at any time accept being a Living pillow and like it. Of course part of that is because he is a sissy boy but still it is a females basset nature to take every inch then demand another foot. You keep these dillusions of granduer up an a similar fate awaites.
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don't believe me see what budbad wrote "At this time I have one girl,really sweet,beats up the boys then runs to me for a belly rub;)))) " and that is the sweet one guess what the not so sweet are like ((shudder))

and this from bubbad
"Ahhhh,the boys,yes,well, most of the time boys are little boys for a long time.Where girls become Queens, boys are the Jokers of the castle. Their brains just don't mature as fast as the girls "

on that little boy part I thing she was specifical addressing you on the other hand Females become Queens, leaving out the part about ruling with an iron paw was simply a minor oversight and a given.
Wwoorrmie: DON'T LISTEN to Dr. Mikey (Mikey how dare you!!!) -- I am a proper loving basset lady and I assure you I DO NOT SCRATCH, bite or touch manly parts (blush yuck). Mikey, Wwormmie and I are getting to know one another and being friends and we don't need DR MIKEY (right now anyway) ... now back to business ---- oh yea -- as I was saying -- Wworrmie I am a nice girl VERY well behaved (well I have to be after my 'rents last dog) ..... I was thinking wanna go steady???? umm no more whats -her- name... we can be special pals.....
Sorry MOM says I'm getting fresh again ....
(LUV?) Pais
Wwoorrmie: ..... I was thinking wanna go steady???? (LUV?) Pais
Paisley, u are such a sweet and beeutiful, exotic-lookin' gal... YES, i would love to go steady with u!!! u can have my heart. :rolleyes:

(uh oh, i'm not listening to Dr. Mikey's sage advice. Dr. Mikey i'd like u to know i am overall taking ur advice, but i am making a big exception for Ms. Paisley because she is different and special. )

but I agree w/you Pais: Dr. Mikey & Mrs. Bubbad, we'll get in touch w/you when we have our basset babies in the future... that's when we'll need help about what to do. and make sure we don't roll over and smash the babies 'n stuff.

hey Brat Pack pals-- i got myself a galfriend!! schweeeeet!!!!!!
--Worm (in heav'n) :cool:
Oh Wormie, you just broke Molly McFreks' heart :(
That is awesome, Worm! Now we can double date! Think our 'rents will let us go without chaperoning us?
Oh no Worm, I think you are in BIG trouble.
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