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pictures of mt lovely bassets
June & Gorge
& i do apologize there is a lot

June with her favorite person her daddy

hello gorges

poor June she just sits there & lets me play

dress up time

June & gorge playing with a stick together

hello everybody

loving kisses

daddy's little girl


tired little June

they love this trampet

just messing about

Junes siesta time

i love this gorge would sit & just peer over the puffie when we was eating

my little angel

hello beautiful

June very tired on our camp bed

Junes camping fleece

hello gorge his 1st meeting with every one when we brought him home for the first time bless him

i think it was a little daunting for him

she was cold so i put a fleece on her arrrr

having a good bark when we was camping

sorry there was a lot i just thought youd like to see
my pictures of my bassets

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Mad deranged Basset owner... your hounds are just like mine in that they play so well together, share sticks, love being dressed up and generally made fools of!!! GORGEOUS and your pics show why everyone should have at least two Bassets as they love company of fellow bassets!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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