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Panosteitis Help!

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I bought my first Basset last August. I did research the breed but haven't heard of Pano til today.

Owen, the basset, is 10 months old. Last Saturday he started limping and refused food and water morning and night. We took him to the e-vet and he was given sub q fluids and we were told to take him to the regular vet Monday if he didn't improve. He weighed 48.7lbs.

Monday he still hadn't eaten or drank anything and we went back to the vet. She did x-rays and a rectal exam. Removed a piece of cow hoof he had broken off and swallowed. His tummy and intestines were all full of air, so he was given Flagyl. The vet said she thought the limping was a hurt knee from maybe playing with our American Bulldog and/or American Pit Bull Terrier and she gave him Tramadol for pain. She said his knee was in place and the ligaments looked great for a Basset. He was also put on boiled hamburger and rice and given more sub q fluids.

Tuesday he ate a bit and then refused food Wednesday and Thursday. called the vet Thursday and she advised taking him off the pain meds to see if that helped. It did not.

Today we went back in and saw a different vet thats part of the practice. she did another couple x-rays, said she saw no signs of obstruction in his abdomen. However, she said she sees some mottling in his thigh bone and she thinks its Panosteitis. He was given a new med for pain and a new med to make his tummy better and another round of sub q.

He has lost so much weight, a total of 8lbs this week and I am worried sick. Plus he seems so miserable! he's not even barking out the days events when the hubby comes home or barking at strange sounds. Its eerie, this quiet. Any suggestions how to get him through this and how to get him to eat his burger and rice? Never thought this boy would refuse food...ever. I am considering taking small amounts and putting it in his mouth til he chews and swallows.
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When Rosco was little, he would get an irritated stomach and diarrhea if he ate rawhides. I switch to giving him bully sticks (dried beef tendon) and he was able to chew those without any problem. Layla on the other hand will get gas bubbles and an upset tummy with the bully sticks (although I'm not certain that she isn't swallowing air when she eats hers). If we notice that she's got a gas bubble, we give her some gas-x and gently pat her belly until she either burps or settles down.

Rosco tends to have more problems with indigestion in general if he isn't given meals and treats at regular intervals. If he tummy is upset, he will eat grass and vomit (usually in the house on the first clean thing he can find). It some times take him a while to come back around before he feels like eating. I think the antacids are the way to go.

Glad to hear he's feeling better. You think of trying some different chew treats just so it won't happen again.
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