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Rooney has started up with a come-and-go limp on his right front leg, so off to the vet we went (only 6 months old, and he's already learned that the vet gives him treats - he begs like a fool). We suspected pano, and so did she, although she passed on the x-rays and gave us an anti-inflammatory on the logic that the films probably wouldn't show much anyway. That was fine, but her other big suggestion was to switch his food. He's on Canidae, which is what his breeder fed; his coat is lovely, but he's always had digestive issues - lots of soft poop, and terrible gas (we're thinking of loaning him to the CIA - his farts can kill at close range).

So this was our vet's suggestion: Purina Dog Chow. She says she knows it has a bad rep, but that it's not terrible, and may slow down some of his rapid growth and help with the pano and digestive issues. She assured me that it's what the orthopedic vets would say, but...Dog Chow? I think I'm freaked by everyone's reports of allergies, houndy odor, bad fillers, etc.. Should I just calm down and take her advice (at least in the short term - I'm sure I could switch him back as an adult)?

For all of you who had young dogs with pano, did your vets offer any nutrition advice? Is there a food that might have some of the same benefits, but be slightly better quality?
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