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Given the age of the dog has Hypothyroidism and/or CDS been ruled out as undelying and/or contributing cause for the behavior?


*The major categories of aberrant behavior were:  aggression (40% of cases), seizures (30%), fearfulness (9%), and hyperactivity (7%); some dogs exhibited more than 1 of these behaviors.

*Thyroid dysfunction was found in 62% of the aggressive dogs, 77% of seizuring dogs, 47% of fearful dogs, and 31% of hyperactive dogs.
canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome

As Betsy points out medication alone is rarely effective in curing phobia's unless there is an underlying medical condition. The reason is the behavior related to the fear is self rewarding. The dog is afraid. It hides in the corner trembling. The storm ends, voila the fear reaction is rewarded by the storm ending. Therefore phobia only get worse as the dog gets older without some sort of behavior mdification program. The only way to end the cycle is through active desenitizing.

FWIW Most dogs that I have met with thunderstorm phobias are not noise sensitive. Other load noises do not bother them and the fear of the storm is manafested long before the first crack of thunder or the wind picks up. Some speculate that it is the change in the ionization of the atmosphere they are sensitive to, but anyway it doesn.t realy matter. It just makes desensitizing to storms difficult/impossible because the trigger can not be replicated at a non-threatening level.

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