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Pain & Stiffness

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My Basset-Love named Barty is a 9 year old (will be 10 in September) male. He is usually happy, active, excitable, and social. I saw a major change in him on Saturday [yesterday] morning (literally overnight). I took him out to go to the bathroom, he was seemingly fine, but when it came time to go back upstairs (I live in an upper), he would not do the stairs. I thought he might have been upset because he knew that I was going to be leaving for work soon and trying to protest (he has some attitude). He did the first four steps to the landing without much difficulty, but then would not go up the stairs into our appartment, so I carried up him up the first set (six steps) to the next landing -- he yelped after I lifted him and decided to do the rest of the stairs (another six) on his own after much pleading, tears, and promises of treats. And with that yelp I knew he was in pain. I figured it might have something to do with his joints because of the weather (rainy & cold). I took him out when I got home from work and the same thing happened and he seemed to be wincing as he climbed the steps. He's also been slightly withdrawn, spending most of his time on his bed in the bedroom and didn't ask to play. The only time he has approached me has been around meal time (so he still has his appetite). The scenario has been the same today, except I noticed that his tail is down and I think that this is the thing that is upsetting me the most. I have never seen his tail down except for when he knows he's done something that he's not supposed to (I didn't notice his tail yesterday). And the weather thing is out since it was clear & sunny out today. I'm taking him to the vet tomorrow, but I just can't sleep knowing that he's in pain and I can't help him. I'm praying he'll magically be better in the morning. Any advice/suggestions/support is much appreciated.

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I got him an appointment at 9:45. I'm nervous, and I also don't want it to be too expensive...$500 MAX is aboout all I can swing this month. But at the same time, I want him to be better! I haven't even taken him out yet because I only want him doing the stairs once this morning. I told him that I don't care if he has an accident, but I know he feels ashamed either way. My poor baby :(
Okay, so $700 & four hours later I have some idea as to what's going on. The vet said that some of the disks in his back are herniated which is causing the pain...makes sense. So they sedated him via a tranquilizer & some narcotic so they could take x-rays. That made him perk up and he was more active since he could not feel the pain. The good news is that there was no mineralization of the disks nor any rupturing. According to the vet the herniation is acute and can be treated with rest and medication. She prescribed him a pain killer and an anti-infalmatory/muscle relaxer. The names and dosages are still in my car, I'll post them up later. I've gotta run to the bank and transfer $$$ from the savings to the checking so I can pay off this credit bill!! I've also gotta get a crate for him to prevent him from doing anything that may further injur his back.

Also, he's so sedated that he won't stop whining, the poor little guy is stoned out of his mind :( I can't imagine how confusing/scary that must be for him. At least he's not in as much pain.



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So the vet put Barty on 500 mg of methocarbanol 2x/day and 100mg deramaxx 1x/day. He seems so much better, but I know that its' just the meds, so it's so difficult to not want to play with him on such beautiful days. I'm so happy that he has his spirit back though. I've been trying to keep him relaxed by snuggling him and petting him. That seems to be working.

Thank you so much everyone for your advice and sympathy, it is much appreciated.
Haven't been on here in a while & I just wanted to give an update. Barty is very well. He got over his back problems in now time and was back to his normal self.....swimming in the creek, going on 8 mile know the usual, haha. Thank you all for the words of encouragement, support, advice, and drool!!!

Hope all of your bassets are well <3
Yes, he is on glucosamine, we've actually had him on them since we got him (about three years) and the vet attributed that to his healthy hips and knees :) Which is great because it means that he can keep up with us (sometimes we can't keep up with him) on walks.
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