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I'm still confused as to why we have to go through a program such as Photobucket instead of just uploading the picture directly? As I said several times in earlier posts, I'm a technical imbecile compared to others and this just adds to the confusion factor. We also contribute to a Shih tzu forum and one can add a picture very easy, even me. Just curious. Thanks again to all'


It is all about bandwidth and storage by having pict stored on on the forum server dramatical increases storage space over simple text so given the same amount of storage space a longer history of post can be maintained when photos are stored on another site and linked to

there is another option as well and that is to use the attachment feature , located At the bottom of a text box when posting. You can use this to attach the pictures to the post but are limit to files less than 500K. The problem with this is you have less control over size as the pict size is automatical reduced and there is a limit on the number of attachment etc Given the limitation it is not my recomended option but some do find this easier. as it require only uploading to this forum.
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