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The Pennsylvania House of Representatives Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee is currently reviewing the bill.

For those interested, here is a link to information about the proposed legislation:

Another link to misinformation about the proposed legislation:

an example:

"MYTH: The real goal of HB 2525 is to discourage people from breeding or hunting with dogs by saddling them with additional requirements.

REALITY: Nothing could be farther from the truth. The Department of Agriculture is proud of Pennsylvania's many award-winning sporting dog and show dog kennels. The law defines commercial breeding kennels as kennels that either sell dogs to dealers or pet stores, or sell more than 60 dogs a year, which these types of breeders have told the Department they would never do. By not meeting the definition of a commercial breeding kennel, sporting and hobby dog kennels are not affected by the new size and exercise requirements."

If you are a resident of Pa., please take the time to browse the sites above-

Mary Gottfried
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