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cross post from the ESPO website. Billy Milko[/b]

Yikes! slightly differen take than news acounts

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They also say many of the dogs were emaciated, had severely matted fur and serious skin and eye infections[/b]

Dogs from Almost Heaven Kennels healthy enough to adopt, Department of Agriculture says

All I know either "HSUS" is once again in the hyberbole game or a miracle occured on the farm show grounds, I think I will go with the first hand account of the DEPT of Ag not meet their own guidlines for kennels

Mike Tefts

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I remember reading eyewitness accounts of the conditions HSUS was keeping dogs in during and after Katrina - it was abysmal. And they weren't people take the dogs out of there, including many legitimate single-breed rescues.

I also watched a video of a "puppymill" raid a few months ago. All the dogs they were taking seemed to me to be healthy, clean, and very friendly.
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