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Central PA woman charged with cruelty in latest bad rescue bust

Scroll to March 19th story "Central Pa. Woman Charged with Cruelty in Latest Bad Rescue Bust"


"With the closure of more than 250 large scale commercial breeding kennels in the past three years, some may say Pennsylvania has shed its reputation as the "puppy mill Capital of the East."

Is the state now taking on the mantle of "bad rescue" Capital?

Two weeks ago it was a Delaware County German Shepherd rescue operated by attorney Terry Silva that was raided.
Now humane officers in Franklin County, west of Harrisburg, have filed cruelty charges against a woman who ran a Rottweiler "rescue" where humane officers found 19 dogs living in filth and eight dead puppies in the freezer............

For more information on bad rescues check out Pet Watch New Jersey."
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