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Out in the snow!

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Eager to get out....?
It's not always easy to awake Emma, sometimes it remains me about the movie "Frankenstein's Monster",
even though I haven't used lightning so far. As you may see on the photo, her eyes aren't up yet, they will
be after about 15 minutes.
Then I have to give her the weather report, here I'm usually lying, telling her it's not cold, not snowing, not
dark, not wet......etc

Today the weather was beautiful, but rather cold. We've got our fair share of snow, but by now it's sunny and
great. Sometimes we walk through the graveyard:

Being a basset, you'll be walking in a corridor, not able to see much of the scenery:

But of course, Emma found something to complain about this time too, her paws were getting cold....
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Love seeing pics of the ladies from "over yonder." Beautiful gals!

Beautiful pictures!

I like the "dog sized" trails in the snow....very convenient for busy bassets!
My big ol feet are near frozen
and my nose is rather cold
I did not want to go out in the snow
but I always do as I'm told

I'm just a little basset hound
too much is expected of me
I only want to go back home
by the fireplace, don't you see?

I do not like the deep snowbanks
nor the pretty, glistening ice
I'd far rather be at home on my bed
Oh wouldn't that be so nice?
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Beautiful pictures!!! Since we headed south to Memphis, and no longer have the South Dakota snows I'll just have to get my snow "fix" from you guys. The ladies look like they are enjoying their outing. Great to see them again!!!
Aaaawwwww. The lovely Emma and Doris. You love lovely, as always!
What a beautiful day you had!
Shame on your daddy, for waking you up from your beauty sleep and dragging you out in the cold, letting your poor pawsies get so cold.
I hope he warmed them up for you and gave some treats to warm you back up again!
Sandy, I love your poem! Wonderful as always!

I find it funny that so many Bassets really hate the snow. Because all my 5 just LOVE running around in it, breaking new paths, jumping into deep snow.
They must be unusual :p
Thank you so much for the nice comments,
and a special thanks to Sandy for her funny
and beautiful poem. Emma seems to inspire
you? I just want to know whom "the little basset" is?

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Sandy, Emma seems to inspire
you? I just want to know whom "the little basset" is?[/b]
Steinar, Emma has always had my heart. And yes, she is my inspiration. : )
That poem just popped into my head, and came out my fingertips, when I saw the pics.

It's so good to hear from you, my friend.
We don't get a lot of snow here in England, but we did get nearly an inch last week. My Basset went out in the garden but I had to get her back in because she was just eating it. If we had your kind of snow I don't know what she would do.
Hi Steinar -

Wonderful to see your pictures and your beautiful girls again! Everyone looks like they are doing great - give everyone tummy rubs and ear scritches!
Great photos as usual, Steinar. It looked the same here yesterday, but was not so cold I think. Toby was running around very happily. He does exactly the same paw lifting thing when his feet are cold. He just stands there looking miserable til you take off your glove and hold his paw for a minute til it warms up!!

Love the picture of Emma's nose!!
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