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Your pictures are beautiful. Where were you camping? Looks like a wonderful spot and beautiful this time of the year.
You mentioned having a friend make you a ramp. Here is a picture of the ramp my husband made, if fact he made two. We use one with the RV and one with the SUV. Works great.
He made them using a 1"x12"x60" pine board. On the back side he placed an extra piece to use as a stiffener to keep it from flexing when Bogie walks on it. We used two spongy type bath mats to cover it, and they give great traction. He attached them with screws using large washers under the screw and just wrapped the extra around the back and stapled it with a staple gun. They work great and Bogie does great going up and down them. Bogie rides in the back seat of the SUV so we have one side of the back seat folded down so he can just walk there, and then we just slide the ramp inside. If you needed to have a folding ramp my husband said you could possibly just saw it in half and use a piano hinge or other hinges so it would fold in half.

Bogie walking up the ramp.
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