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Our newly adopted Basset

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Just a few days ago, after careful consideration and research, my daughter and I adopted a 3 year old Basset named Copper. So far he is what he was said to be, very well behaved, patient, loving, and much more laid back than some can be. He appears to be in excellent health and has a general check up scheduled for next week. I couldn't be more excited or happy with him. He came to me on diet of BLUE BUFFALO dog food. The previous owners said it had helped reduce his "houndy" smell. Is there a cheaper comparable alternative? I do expect to brush/comb him daily. I am using baby wipes on him after going outside, and of course the weekly ear cleaning. Also, I would like recommendations or advice on the products you swear by (ie. shampoos, cologne spray, food, treats/bones, grooming tools/brushes, harness vs. collar?, and anything else you might find helpful to me.) I'm guessing by looking nail clipping be best left to the professionals. We are so CRAZY about our new handsome boy, will post a pic soon.
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Welcome-this is a great site. It sounds like you've done a lot of research already.I know others will be able to give you specific advise about products; one thing I will say is that a harness works best for us because Murray has a tendency to develop yeast problems under his neck and a collar seems to make it worse. Can't wait to see pictures!
Congratulations and welcome! Sounds like you are off to a good start!

congrats on copper...i am new as of january and this board has wonderful members that have given me priceless information. i hope i can do the same for others...
one day i am going to lay claim as the treat queen. i have a 7 mo. old pup that chew down on a large edible nylabone in no time....i have tested everything...i think!!!

i guess you will find out if cooper likes soft chew toys or bones. so far my best investment (can be $$$) are natural bones no perservatives from Merrick..sold in most pet stores or feed stores.
sadie likes her soft toys but the bones keep her busy and in 1 place....bully stix, hooves and knuckle bones and pig ear are her favorites. i know it sounds gross but they are the best so far....NO RAWHIDE...for sadie it seems like she swallows whole chunks. some do well with .

Kongs are great as well...check their website.

i used martingale (SP)collar and leash by lupine.
the collar can be regular or acts like a little choke just offers a little tension when pulled ....primairly used because sadie couldnt slip out of it as a puppy.

more treats:
i use ice cubes..
i fill ice cube trays with non fat yogurt and some kibble or you can use cheese whiz or peanut butter...then you have you own treats.

Probably you biggest task will be to make cooper feel at home by putting him on a schedule....ex: feeding then the other follows....and of course his place be it a crate or a special pillow.

love your new basset......

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I have had four bassets over the years. My experience with the houndy smell, is: NO HUMAN FOOD. period. (he will manage to steal some from time to time)
Find a good quality dog food,plus doggy treats, and make that his diet. I found this to be the best solution for me. My last two bassets NEVER had ear infections.
Others may have other advice that works for them.
Hope that helps some. And welcome! Most of the time, this is a fun, informative site!

I called that houndy smell, freetos smell.
It caused by corn meal that can be easily find in most of dog foods.
I buy Lamb & Rice formula dog food from Costco.
About $20 for a 45 lbs.

It works like magic. The smell disappeared from Winston 's body in 2 weeks!
Welcome... no special advice except that you will come to love your baby dearly... just wait for the little stubborn basset traits to come through :)
I called that houndy smell, freetos smell.
It caused by corn meal that can be easily find in most of dog foods.
The smell is caused by skin oil and sometimes yeast. certain food may cause certain dog to produce more oil or in the case of allergies exaserbate yeast infection but there is no univeral corn cause hound smell or a lack of corn is a cure for it.

P.S. Many lamb and rice formulas contain corn or wheat which is even more suspect in food allergies
Congradulations! Can't wait to see some pics. I also have a Copper and I hope you have as much fun and get as much love with your Copper as I do with mine.
Welcome to the site. This is a very informative board. We love pictures! Noearthshattering advice from me except good luck! yvonne

Why not go by the name of Duracell :D
" 7 mo. old pup that chew down on a large edible nylabone in no time...."

the secret to strong chewer is to base the size of the chew on jaw strength not dog size. For aggresive chewers you need x-large size and for the really hard core have you tried

or Galileo bone souper size. But you may find out a bone that can not be destroyed is no fun at all
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Hi: and welcome to the board. I am somewhat new also. Congrats on new puppy. Not much advice to add. The above posters gave u good info. :) The red or green Kongs filled with kibble or peanut butter will keep puppy busy. U could freeze it first. U can buy at most pet stores. Happy to be a slave for Tummy boy.
Welcome to the forum. Everyone here is so kind and can answer so many questions that you may have as the days roll on.
I don't know the price of the Blue Buffalo food, but I would recommend Nutro Natural Choice Adult Lamb Meal and Rice. This product does not have corn or wheat in it, or any of the harmful preservatives many dog foods have. You do not need to add supplements, since it has vitamins, minerals, glucosamine and chondroitin for their joint cartilage, and linoleic acid for their coat already in the food. Our Basset has no odor and does have a beautiful coat with less shedding since he has been on this food. As an eleven month old we just switched him from puppy food to and adult. What ever food you choose switch him slowly from the old food to new food to avoid tummy upsets.
On grooming: "Zoom Groom", a rubber brush with rubber comb like fingers, and a shedding blade,are great grooming tools to use. Also a rubber palmed garden glove for the final rubdown really makes their coat shine.

Good luck with your new companion. Bassets are wonderful family dogs.

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Welcome from Ruby and her servant/mommy! One of the problems with filling a kong with pnut butter is that inevitably the pnut butter will end up on the carpet or flooring and everywhere. Just my two cents.
take half Lysterin (the mouthwash) and half water in a spray bottle and spray him down on thise houndy days.

Enjoy once a basset mom always a basset mom
Welcome to the group. You will find lots of great advice and people here!
I use as many indestructable toys as possible. Shank bones, kongs, nylabones. Things i can put their toothpaste in for their cleaning in between my cleaning them.
I know some folks do not give their dogs people food. But with the Diamond Food and Royal Canine food contaminations I don't completely trust the commericial brands.
But, I cook rice, potatos and make homemade chicken broth for my dogs. I also boil them chicken and beef tips. I try to keep it as natural as possible. I have to admit I do still use their kibble. I mix just a little with the meat and broth. The kibble is Purina one for sensative systems.
But, I have to admit there is a lot prepartion time involved. And I did discuss with my vet before making adjustments to their diet.
People say not to feed human food, but I use human grade meats, anything else is more like by products and I try to avoid those as much as possible.
I do not give bones as some diets recommend.
But, my basset doesn't have a houndy smell, she have a wonderful coat. I have a bulldog has terrible skin issues, but since changing their diets, her skin cleared up, wheat in dog food was aggrevating her skin allergies so that is one reason why we decided to change her food.
By preparing their meals I can have more control over the incredients.
But I think what you have to do is find what works best for you and your dog.
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