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our new baby

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We have owned our own little Bassett for a little over two weeks now. He is soooooooooooooooooooo cute! We got him from Mid-America Bassett Rescue in MO. Although he is skittish around other people, he seemed to immediately know that we're his forever family and has done a good job of training us.

As soon as I figure out how to post pics, I will. We have fallen head over heals in love w/him.

I've enjoyed looking at all the other bassett pics and reading your stories.
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Much congrats and happiness on your new addition. O.K. now, what's your baby's name and hurry wit them pictures. :D
Marie, Newton, KS
How great! Congrats. :D . Tummy Boy's Mom
how to get pics

I use its free and you can download the pics from your digital camera copy and paste the url of each pic and post far as the avatar goes click on profile and copy and paste the url from the pic you want to be seen whenver u post
Welcome! Can you share some information on your newest family member? I look forward to seeing pictures!
post your pictures on and then (its self explanitory) copy the url by first highlighting the url and then right click on it and choose copy. Once you have copied the photo post a new topic or reply to your old one. First click on the img button up above, then right click and paste your photo's url and then click img button one more time and you're done.......Good Luck I cant wait to see your puppy!
Congratulations on finding each other - can't wait to see pictures!
Welcome to the Board and THANK YOU for rescuing your baby.

Can't wait to see pics and hear tales of the mischief he will create.

Bassets rule.
Another Texan! Welcome!

One question - how did you manage to get him from MO? I've been wanting to add another basset to our family and would love to rescue!
Welcome from another fellow Texan :) Can't wait to see pictures- Wendy

Mom to Samantha, Jake, Abby, & Indy
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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