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Our Daily Walk!

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We take this walk twice daily. It is one mile around. This is the lake in the subdivision where we live. See the gator!!

Home at Last!!

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Very nice!

I have a lake in my little subdivision too. There is a restaurant/grill that backs up to it with a huge outdoor patio, and after the 1.4 mile walk around a few of the workers come out to pet the girls. It's like the bassets are famous, and I'm just along for the ride.
the pictures and dogs are beautiful, but I live just outside of Lexington, Kentucky, and the last word I wanted to hear tonight was "gator". :angry: Luckily, Lightning and Stomps aren't interested in basketball, so they're oblivious. (Sorry, veered off topic.)
AWESOME PHOTOS!! Beautiful area. Nice house too. I love your columned entrance way. The area is similiar to the one i had seen on Tv, but looks different. I suppose they could have been filming from the other side though. Wow 2 miles a day, no wonder you are ALL in such good shape. Good for you!!

Thanks for those. :p
You all look nice, as usual!

This is how I would look walking the dogs in your area:

<span style="color:#009900">The one that drools rules, :p
Steinar - daddy and foodslave to Emma and Doris!</span>
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:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Steinar, you are too funny!!!!!!!! So glad you are back here with us! You actually get use to seeing the alligators this time of year. They are really out for mating season. After that, we almost never see one. We know there are estimates of about 15 gators in that lake. They love to sunbathe. The thing is to not walk there very early in the morning or at night when it's dark. That when they'll get you :blink: :blink: Seriously, we are very careful. We know they're there and always keep an eye out. Today I'll take a photo of the warming signs posted!
Last summer while in Orlando, we were exiting a highway that had a small lake on one side. A couple of guys were fishing, and I noticed a rather large gator heading right for them. I've often wondered if anything happened there. He was probably just curious.......
As always I love your photos. You live in such a beautiful area and I'm so jealous of all of you who are posting pictures of beautiful green grass and blooming flowers. We started to get a taste of spring weather but now Mother Nature is being very cruel, we have been under winter weather warnings and even blizzard warnings for the last few days. Our snow was just about gone and now it looks like the middle of winter again and were supposed get more snow today and throughout the weekend.
Beautiful pictures! Our Lou would love a walk like that. I so wish we could move to Florida. I am tired of the cold up here in New England!

Steinar made me laugh out loud with his knightly armor!

Steinar is only used to Bears in his neck of the woods! LOL!
Beautiful pictures!! You really have a lovely area to walk in. Brings back memories of when we lived in Orlando,Florida in the early 70's.
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