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Oscar's Cow-box...funny story

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Well, over the weekend I bought Murphy's new Life Stages crate. And while I was there, I bought Oscar a crate too..since his current doghouse is an 8 yr old Gateway Computer box (ya know the one's with the cow pattern?) with a roof and a doorway cut out.

Funny story how this came to be. When Oscar was a pup, we got him a nice little regular brown box to be his home, well when we weren't looking he would chew on it. So we threw that out, and thought we'd try the Gateway computer box. And, I dont know if its the cow pattern or what, but he loved it! He never chewed on it or anything, so that became his favorite place. One time, while pulling out his blankets to wash them, we found an entire intact loaf of bread and an unscathed stick of butter! How he got them, we have no idea. I guess he was just preparing for the worst.

Getting back to the story, I set up both crates last night and put Oscar's blankets in his new home. He wouldnt go in it at first so I enticed him with some bits of cheese, which helped a little, but I dont think he's quite warming up to it. So my mom suggested she make a slip-cover for the crate to help keep it warm. So we decided that a cow pattern fabric for the slip cover, hoping it would help Oscar transition into his new crate.

So finally,...we are going to make a slip cover for Murphy's crate as well. However, we're not quite sure what kind of fabric pattern to choose for the Murph-ster. Any suggestions out there?
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Cow pattern will be soo cute!

If you can find a fluffy fabrics, that will be nice. You know, to give it a bit of homey, comfortable to lay on.
ruby crosses her eyes and says, "mooooooooooooooo!"
Maybe a pig, although the pink wouldn't be good for a boy. How about a brown cow to go with the black, or maybe leopard. What a fun project.
I think we may be going with a doggie foot print pattern for Murphy's crate slip-cover. I just hope he doesn't chew on it!
When Tummy was a pup (we got him at 7 mos.) I put an antique quilt to cover the crate. He never ate it! Happy to be a slave for Tummy Boy. :) ;)
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