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I sympathise with your situation. I reread your first posts from a few weeks ago. You did your best, but he probably does have issues that need a home where he can be helped through them rather than crated all day and left to feel lonely and abandoned again.

Can you get him to a basset rescue organization? Please don't send him back to a shelter. He probably hasn't had a chance to live in a home where he can be taught, or encouraged, not to bark, and to be housetrained. He could have had a series of homes that didn't have the time or patience to show him any better way of behaving.

Would it help if your son could spend more time with him during the school holidays, that must be just about to start? Maybe your son has to be in day care still? Is there no way to take him to work with you, in his crate, so at least he is around people and can sleep knowing you are close by? I'm just trying to think of any solutions that would help you.

I know that you will be missing a wonderful, loving and faithful companion if you can't keep him, but you can only do so much... Good luck with rehoming him.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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