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Ordering medication online?

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We need to buy some Prednisolone for our dog. Does anyone know what are some of the better websites to order from besides

Do you recommend ordering from a website?

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We use Vetcentric and they have always been very good. Our Daisy is on Deramaxx and their prices are ok.
I've ordered from Drs. Foster & Smith for over 12 years. Never had a probelm. Excellent customer service :D
I use for vitamins, pill pockets, flea and tick repellant and the like. I don't know if they carry prescription meds, but their prices are much, much better than my vets, they ship promptly and have very good customer service.
I've ordered Advantage from PetCareRX and they seem to be fine, too.
Prednisolone is a pretty inexpensive medication. I don't know what your veterinarian charges but I would think by the time you pay shipping you wouldn't be saving much. In addition all generics are not created equal so with all these online pharmacies that have popped up you may not be getting exactly what it says on the label.

Unless it was an expensive medicaton that my dog was going to be on long term I rather see my money go to my vet than some online pet supply company.
I like Vetcentric because your vet gets a cut of every purchase you make. This lessens the need for the vet to maintain a large inventory of drugs, yet still earns some profit. I prefer to support our vet if possible, and going through Vetcentric makes it a win win situation.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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