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Hi Everyone,

I'd like to hear if anyone else had this problem: my beloved 6 y.o. Portsiy, who's in great shape and good health save for some ear infections now and then, all of a sudden got a mole that looks like a papilloma (with rough texture like a colyflower, about 1/4" in diameter). This one appeared on the edge of his upper lip. Then, several days later, I noticed two more on the roof of his mouth. Our vet wants to take biopsy to find out what they are. I did my own internet research, and "Oral Papilomosis" seems like the condition he has. Except, older dogs are not supposed to get it. It's some kind of virus that goes away on its own, and papillomas then just disappear.
I'd appreciate any kind of feedback on this problem. Hope everyone's dogs stay healthy and happy.

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