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Opal and I have a problem …

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Hi there, my name is Jenny and Opal is my 4 1/2 year old Basset Gal.

In the past several weeks she’s developed a black spot under her left limbal ring (eye) and it’s concerning. I only noticed it a week ago but in pictures taken in early/mid December, it wasn’t visible.

I immediately looked around online and then consulted an online vet and she indicated the same two possibilities I had already arrived at:
1.) Pigmentary Keratitis
2.) Limbal Melanoma or other mass

We see her normal vet next Tuesday for opinions/referral.

I have zero experience with either condition and am wondering if anyone here has any?

Thanks in advance if you do.
Attaching pics of her eye from December 17th where I can only now, see a tiny black bit to ones this week & two to introduce her.

Jenny & Opal

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Well, if anyone else winds up with a similar situation, it ended up actually being on her third eyelid and not her eye. It’s gotten significantly larger but I’ve been told it’s just an eye freckle and that it seems to continue to be a benign condition. Apparently just like other markings, these can develop.
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