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This weekend I made home made chicken and dumplings while my grandmother and aunt were visiting. Anyway, as usual when ever I make a stock or broth I use that to wet the pups food with instead of water. Well, when you make a stock or broth you generally put veges in it for flavor, right? Do you think that the bad stuff in the onions leaches out into the stock? I know onions are bad for dogs but it never occured to me until the other night. Since I don't very often have homemade stock on hand, the kids don't get it very often and they've never shown anything but gratitude (right) about getting this treat. The only side affect I've ever notice is excessive drool! Broohoohoo!

What do you think?......dangerous or not?

Thanks, Heather
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you just send that chicken and dumplings up here first for a taste test.i'l will tell you if it good or not for the dogs!!!!!!!!!! :D
My four Bassets seem NOT to have any side effects from onions in their food. IF they get some stock or sauce with onions in it, they certainly drool a lot, beg for more a lot etc. but that is it.

Unless you have a dog with sencitive stomach, it shouldn`t be a problem.

Tina and The Gang
thanks Heather,i'll give it go some time this spring when i can get around after my the mean time if you have any left overs don't give it to the dogs FEDEX it up to me i'll pay the shipping!!!!
Pinehawk......I was just looking at my copy of the email I sent you and the recipe is a bit jumbled. Did it come thru ok to you? If not, email me and I'll send it that way.

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I asked my vet about onions and she said that onions can cause anemia in dogs. I doubt that a couple in stock would hurt them though. In fact, Franklin and Eleanor love my chicken soup!
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